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Italian : Resources


Ciao! At Langcademy we have 3 levels of Italian.

Please choose which one is best for you!

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This is an Italian class for beginners, for those who have never learnt the Italian language. In this course you will learn the Italian alphabet and pronunciation. We will also teach some basic words, sentences, and structures, as well as cultural norms.

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This intermediate Italian class is for those who know the basics of Italian. In this class we will learn how to have basic conversation, different kinds of grammar, and you will expand your vocabulary list. We will also learn to write different text types, like basic emails.

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This Italian course is for people who can already speak basic Italian. In this class we will learn to speak, read, and write Italian. We will emphasise on reading comprehension, advanced writing skills and continue vocabulary acquisition. We will write some basic reviews on short novels, articles, and movies.

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